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Nebelgaard is a former home farm from 1850, which has been totally renovated in 2008/ 2009, so that today the old barn, stable, hayloft, and beet room appear as a unique holiday home with all that the heart desires.

The 950 square metres offer infinite possibilities. There is a big section with swimming pool with water slide, spa bath and sauna. Activity room with table tennis, playstation, table football and various games. In addition to this a mini cinema, furnished with cinema chairs and big screen, of course.

The 200 square metres barn is furnished as a living room with a longtable for all the guests of the house. In addition several three-piece suites, a billiard table and a 50” flat screen. The kitchen is fitted out in the old beet room and is very professionally equipped with 8 burners, 2 ovens, 2 refrigerators, 1 freezer and 2 dishwashers. The stables are arranged with double bedrooms, bathrooms and three-piece suites with landscape window. There is also a scullery with washing machine and tumble dryer.

Nebelgaard is situated in a quiet and peaceful area, where there are good possibilities for beautiful walks in the countryside. Belonging to this there is a big nature ground with a lake, where you will meet a rich animal- and bird life.

In short, a magnificent holiday home in pure and unspoiled nature.